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Brent Hoberman Chairman Mydeco (ex-CEO and Chairman

'Mark was a real pleasure to work and really got what the brand was all about. He is energetic, passionate and creative. I enjoyed our 121 meetings where we looked at new ways to keep fresh and innovative brand/marketing wise. Projects such as the London beach, Lifeboard and Free Paris Hilton stunt did just that. Mark also helped define and reposition the brand to keep it on track for the future'.

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Ian McCaig, CEO at First Utility

Mark is a genuinely creative individual with passion and vision for brands and what they can do for people. I enjoyed working with him at and his list of achievements was long and made tangible contributions to the development and growth of the business.

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NED, StrategyRuby Lee
Eric Partaker, Co-Founder Chilango

Better strategy. Better tactics. Mark has helped us tremendously with both. Strategically we have a better appreciation for the blend of art and science behind marketing... and as a team now give it the 'thinking time' it deserves. Tactically we're executing campaigns more efficiently, on-brand, and with less cost. The results? Better like-for-like's and more motivated teams... Everyone likes to see the numbers going up :-)

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Robert Bean, Founder and CEO, Robert Bean Branding

I worked with across the Group's Brands, it was acknowledged by the CEO and CMO Europe that the real hero in the (brand definition) process was a young Scotsman called Mark McCulloch.

His tireless energy and diplomacy skills meant the difference between six clever strategic solutions sitting in a document somewhere, and every single one if their 2,000 people across Europe undergoing an intensive engagement programme so that they could all rally around their Brands with one voice.

It was an exhausting and exhaustive process but it simply wouldn't have happened without him.

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Gary Keogh, Marketing Director UK at William Grant & Sons

Mark is one of the few colleagues I have worked with who can articulate his vision in a simple, practical & motivating way with real-time examples of how to deliver it efficiently. He has the right balance of creative & commercial flair, complimented by an engaging down to earth style. Mark is someone I really trust, enjoy working with & without hesitation would recommend.

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Chris J Reed, Chief Marketing Officer at mig33

Mark is a rarity in senior marketing professionals, he's holistic in his view of the marketing tools at his disposal and is therefore a keen advocate of partnership marketing to help him achieve his objectives. 

Mark is very creative, innovative, forward thinking and open to ideas, he was great to work with. I would highly recommend him.

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Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist

Mark is a dream to work with.  His ability to tease out what is fundamentally at the core of a brand is second to none.  And with his deep knowledge of the food and drink sector, he's the go-to person for anyone looking to be seen and heard in this busy sector.

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Suzie Thompson, Red Carnation Hotels

If you are looking for someone with a genuine passion for food and drink, slight obsession with social media and a vibrant and inspiring network, then you are in the right place! I have had the great fortune to work with Mark in various roles over the years, including in the early years and more recently at Red Carnation Hotels where Mark is currently supporting our efforts to showcase our people and their passions through social! I continue to be inspired by Mark’s endless enthusiasm, creative genius and genuine warmth as a person.   

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