I create world class Brand, Marketing, Digital, Social and Employee Engagement Strategies.

Strategy always seems like a fancy word. This is true and where many go wrong is creating impractical strategies that sound good at a presentation, but are impossible to land and too high brow for your teams and your customers. I like to take a simpler approach and deliver strategies that work for everyone. I offer 5 strategy services and sometimes they are all wrapped up in one. It depends really on what you need/the doctor ordered.


Brand DNA Strategy

Brand DNA Strategy (Define or Redefine your brand workshop)

My brand strategy is a half day, day or day and a half session depending on the problem definition, how much information you have and how many people are in your team.

The structure is a 9 question workshop hosted by me and the best format is usually having 8-10 people in a room (Mix of Junior / Senior and Longest serving / Just joined). I then take you through a guided facilitated session to draw out:

  • Your Story

  • What is it?

  • Target customer

  • Motivations

  • Competitors

  • USPs

  • Positioning Statement

  • Brand DNA in a few words

  • Your Purpose  

Once everyone is happy with the output (usually happens in the room), soon after we look at where the gaps are, what needs to be done in a prioritised list and then draw up work flows and project plans to make sure the change you want happens. Job done!

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marketing strategy

2. My Marketing Strategy comes in many forms depending on your business, however to give you an idea of one system that I have is my Local Marketing Rings Model. I use this to help bricks and mortar hospitality and retail businesses engage their teams in local marketing to drive more awareness, footfall and sales. It is a 5 rings system and goes as follows:


the 5 ring model

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 18.32.07.png

How it works Podcast of me talking about the model

How it works Video of me talking about the model


How it works written. There are 5 rings. If you are opening a new venue then you go from Ring 1 to 5. If you are already open you go from Ring 5 to 1.

Above the centre line you can see that there are prompts for you to start brainstorming of all the ways you can:

Ring 1: Get a customer to return or book direct 3 times in a short space of time 

Ring 2: Make it obvious for people in terms of what you do. There are no points for being mysterious. Even Pret A Manger still say what they do on every window. What can you do to make people stop and stare and stop and share?

Ring 3: Create Demand. If they are not coming to you. You need to find ways to go to them. This is creating a blueprint of all of the media opportunities to target the groundswell of pedestrians or traffic near your venue.

Ring 4: Make Friends. Most businesses open their doors and cross their fingers. This is not the right approach you need to fight for every sale and be proactive in your community so that your are top of mind and the first place customers will choose to go to and recommend.

Ring 5: Make a splash on social and digital. Everything from ensuing your Google Local listings are spot on for the highest keyword searches that you could be appear for, embracing review sites such as Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook all the way to ensuring you are using best practice social media methods to create awareness, engagement, shares and sales.

Below the centre line you can see that there are distances to state where the opportunity is for this area of marketing.

Easy eh?

Marketing to three visits to your restaurant Gary Vaynerchuk and Jon Taffer


Digital Strategy - Performance Marketing

Digital is often an overlooked area (especially in food, drink and hotels). There is some stuff going on, but it is all not joined up or as a fine tuned as it could be.

Digital is often an overlooked area (especially in food, drink and hotels). There is some stuff going on, but it is all not joined up or as a fine tuned as it could be. I would be taking a step back and looking at the entire digital customer journey to ensure you can be found through highest keyword and long tail search volumes and that what your conversion is like and how that can be optimised. I would also take a lateral look at where you could be placed and how you can be optimised for success on third party sites. Social Media can be included in this, but people often choose to do this as a seperate entity (for some reason).  I would look at:

  • Digital customer journey (Acquisition and Retention)

  • Search / SEO

  • Local listings

  • PPC

  • Content

  • Site structure

  • Mobile performance

  • Website look and feel

  • Site conversion

  • Site tagging

  • Re-marketing

  • CRM

  • 3rd party sites (From booking site to giphy and back again)

  • Digital presence on affiliate and review sites

  • Wider e-commerce such as Amazon shop

  • Social Media

  • Voice and A.I.

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Video Why digital is oxygen with Gary Vaynerchuk


social media strategy

My social media strategy is born from running social media for brands such as YO! Sushi and Pret A Manger and have been working on social media for over 10 years.

I partner with the best agencies in the world to keep my knowledge up to date and can deliver social media strategies for channels (Facebook, Instagram You Tube, What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Linked In, Snapchat and Pinterest), how to make thumb stopping content, organic, paid and best practice from set up to more advanced paid advertising strategies to ensure you hit your target audience multiple times to take them through to brand engagement and sales. I also run Social Media training, Internal Influencer workshops, Thought leadership sessions and bootcamps to ensure your team are as socially focused as they can be.

Podcast 2018 Social Media Trends with Alison Battisby

Video 2019 Social Media Trends with Alison Battisby


Employee Engagement Strategy

‘Why the hell would I work for you?’ There is a shortage of good people in every industry. I have spent years as an employee engagement expert and can help you with your attract, recruit and retain strategies.

Whether it is an engagement piece to attract the right people to your organisation, help stop your high turnover of staff, relaunch your brand so that your teams deliver on this promise constantly or if you wish to re-energise your organisation around a new vision, mission or change in direction I can help write the strategy and facilitate the engagement programme.

I have a nine point recipe for successful employee engagement.

  • Start with the heart

  • Get over yourself

  • Be different

  • Mind the gap

  • Look after your people

  • Celebrate the good stuff

  • Pinpoint your people

  • Work your network

  • Get known for it


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